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We believe that people deserve a good place to live—regardless of their job or location. Your staff make big sacrifices to work on site, and we don’t think comfort should be one of those sacrifices. LandSea exists to make livable spaces in surprising places. We blend our depth of skills with experience, resourcefulness, and the gumption to balance creativity and practical problem solving for our clients. The result is practical, value-based comfort and livability and food people are excited to eat—combined, they elevate all standards of health, safety, and expectation.

LandSea is a proven provider of project support, turnkey workforce accommodation and catering solutions for the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, logging and construction sectors operating in Western Canada.

Our flexible capabilities and our ability to supply both floating & land based workforce camps makes us the most versatile workforce accommodation and catering provider in the industry.

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Nothing is more satisfying than a customer who loves the work we do and tells their friends.

Mr. Divi, Owner

health & safety

LandSea is committed to exceeding the Health and Safety standards of the workforce camp industry while developing a high level of principles and expectations in our workplace. Our Health and Safety policies, procedures and supporting manuals will be implemented, maintained, and further developed by management and all levels of employment. Our Management Teams will conduct regular site inspections to ensure compliance, evaluate policy knowledge, and provide training opportunities. At each camp, there is a Health and Safety Committee which oversees the H&S program and makes certain that procures are followed and improvements are implemented. During orientation, all staff is educated in the Safe Work Procedures as it relates to their job duties and activities.

LandSea requires all staff to be properly trained and certified in their job duties and responsibilities and to abide by the corporate safety plan at all times. All employees are required to read, understand and practice our OH&S Manual and abide by our H&S Program. Toolbox Meetings are conducted daily with all staff to cover safety concerns, opportunities to improve job standards and general work and service related issues.

Our managers are trained to monitor the health and safety of all employees and guests and are required to report safety concerns to head office on a weekly basis.

LandSea is a member of ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting Hiring Clients with safe and reliable contractors.

Community Partners

Relationships are based on respect, honesty and loyalty. We value our relationships immensely and so naturally, our values are simple: respect, honesty and loyalty.

These values are the cornerstones of the many relationships LandSea Camp Services has built with local First Nations communities.

Many of the areas we operate are within the traditional territory of the First Nations people. We respect their culture, their land and their desire to create a sustainable environment.

We believe that is it our responsibility as a corporation to engage these communities and in doing so, we create a mutually beneficial relationship which creates growth and prosperity for First Nations, local citizens and all people of this country.

LandSea Camp Services is committed to creating employment opportunities and job training and skill development initiatives to improve both the short term and long term growth of local First Nations communities.

We look forward to helping your project become involved in these exciting relationships and opportunities.

Our Partners:


LandSea Camp Services strives to offer sustainable products and innovative solutions for new environmental initiatives.  We want to preserve our environment and reduce any environmental impact that we may have.

Some sustainable initiatives include:

  • Diligent recycling programs
  • Using recycled or post-consumer products
  • Using non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Reducing the use of paper, plastic and non biodegradable products wherever possible
  • Educating our clients and guests in areas where we can become more environmentally conscience

At LandSea Camp Services, we try to minimize our environmental impact and enhance environmentally sustainable initiatives.

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about us

LandSea is a proven provider of project support, turnkey workforce accommodation and catering solutions for the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, logging and construction sectors operating in Western Canada.