Providing turnkey workforce
camps to Western Canada.


High Quality, Nutritious Catering

At LandSea, we go way beyond basic provision of food and shelter, so that on-site workers remain healthy, at their most productive and feel human. The result is practical, value-based comfort, livability and food people are excited to eat – combined, they elevate all standards of health, safety, and expectation.

  • High quality, nutritious catering is key to recruitment, retention and the efficiency of a remote team.
  • Fewer sick days, higher productivity and enhanced wellbeing are a few of the added benefits our clients have experienced because of our food services.
  • Well established relationships with national and local suppliers ensures our clients see top quality products at a fair price.
  • A work culture that encourages service, quality and support creates a clean and friendly living environment for our guests.

about us

LandSea is a proven provider of project support, turnkey workforce accommodation and catering solutions for the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, logging and construction sectors operating in Western Canada.