Providing turnkey workforce
camps to Western Canada.

multi-phased process

This multi-phased process ensures that all necessary construction, sewage, and water permits are obtained and the workforce camp is ready for occupancy on time or even ahead of schedule. Let LandSea look after the details so you can focus on your project and your people.

Design, Engineering, Project Management

Our design team works with you to create the right size and configuration of camp for each project. Certain variables such as length of term, location, climate and type of project will often dictate the type of camp or equipment we use. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals handles this process with ease.


Each site requires specific permits in order to operate the camp and meet certain government and environmental requirements. LandSea will oversee with the permit application process for land tenures, foreshore leases, waste water treatment, potable water treatment and waste management. Once permits are received and a site service plan is prepared, LandSea can provide the equipment and support systems to handle these services.

Site Preparation

Each project is unique and will require specific site preparation to accommodate the camp configuration. LandSea will provide consultation on site location and provide all of the preparation to get the site ready for camp installation.

Transportation and Logistics

LandSea’s past experience in remote camp logistics and equipment transportation has enabled us to create an effective supply management team and a network of reliable carriers and transportation solutions which will ensure that your supplies, material and equipment makes it to site.

Camp Installation

Our Construction team manages the supply and installation process. This consists of the physical supply of the camp and equipment to the site, the installation of the camp on the site, and the equipment set-up and commissioning.

Supply and Installation

Support systems and sites services are the equipment and utilities that run your camp. 


Equipment Sales & Leasing

LandSea is an expert in the provision of effective, efficient and reliable construction and site equipment for remote projects. 


about us

LandSea is a proven provider of project support, turnkey workforce accommodation and catering solutions for the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, logging and construction sectors operating in Western Canada.