Community Partners

Relationships are based on respect, honesty and loyalty. We value our relationships immensely and so naturally, our values are simple: respect, honesty and loyalty.

These values are the cornerstones of the many relationships LandSea Camp Services has built with local First Nations communities.

Many of the areas we operate are within the traditional territory of the First Nations people. We respect their culture, their land and their desire to create a sustainable environment.

We believe that is it our responsibility as a corporation to engage these communities and in doing so, we create a mutually beneficial relationship which creates growth and prosperity for First Nations, local citizens and all people of this country.

LandSea Camp Services is committed to creating employment opportunities and job training and skill development initiatives to improve both the short term and long term growth of local First Nations communities.

We look forward to helping your project become involved in these exciting relationships and opportunities.

Our Partners: