Camp Manager

The Camp Manager is responsible to ensure the overall organization and efficient operation of LandSea large camp facilities (over 100 people).

Job Qualifications

Minimum 4 years’ experience in a related field of work; preferably a large camp catering environment
3 or more years’ experience in a managerial role
Completion of basic First Aid, basic and advanced Food Safe training, WHIMIS, HCCAP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), Travel Restraint, Transport of Dangerous Goods, Accident Investigation, and Health and Safety Training
Knowledge of Camp Manager Database programs and retail Point of Sale systems
Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
Strong decision making and delegation skills
Strong knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Excel and Word
Superior organization and time management skills
Team player and are able to provide support, motivation and encouragement to others
Ability of administer and receive constructive feedback from both clients and LandSea employees


Ensure all paperwork is completed in a timely and accurate manner and submitted to the Operations Department as per the required timelines
Daily submission of Camp Manager reports such as, P&L statements, commissary paperwork, purchasing and receiving, inventory, and kitchen reports. Also update camp numbers to ensure adequate qualified employees
Ensure completion and accuracy of all camp related employee paperwork including staff change forms, incident reports, performance management and evaluation forms, WCB forms (injury reporting package) and timesheets
Oversee the cleaning of accommodation units and equipment as per LandSea cleaning schedule and Food Safe standards
Facilitate safety meetings (using the Daily Toolbox Meeting form) on the 1st and 15th of each month, ensuring that all staff report accidents, safety concerns, and work hazards. Meeting minutes should be forwarded to LandSea Head Office
Maintain constant communication with Head Office staff regarding concerns with personnel, food, equipment, and shut downs etc.
Ensure all food items are properly stored, served, and discarded as per HACCP and Food Safe standards
Counsel/coach employees as required and involve the Catering Recruitment team as necessary, to provide direction on disciplinary matters where appropriate

Financial / Fiscal
Oversee portioning of food items in accordance to client contract and Landsea Policies, Procedures and Best Practices to ensure food costs and product inventory are kept within budget
Ensure meal sheets are filled out neatly and accurately and ensure that the client and Chef sign each sheet.
Submit client and third party meal sheets each week including customer/client name, Camp number and location with legal land description number.
Provide time sheets to the Head office each Sunday, ensuring staff initial hours worked.
Schedule inventory of all kitchen products (usually at the end of each week and each month end), including the submission of inventory reports to the Head office within 3 days and a follow-up call to the Head office to verify receipt of the reports.
Inventory meat products to match the facility menu plan for the week, ensuring that each inventory sheet contains the following information: weight, measurement and size of items, inventory date, facility name, and location.

General / Management:

Assist with information gathering as it relates to incident investigation.
Facilitate daily meetings with Senior Camp Attendant and Chef to discuss delegation of tasks to ensure required work is completed in a timely manner.
Maintain ongoing communication and working rapport with all LandSea customers/clients, ensuring the customer or client is satisfied with overall service, cleanliness, and maintenance of our facilities.
Oversee all camp operations including start-ups and shutdowns, operational, administrative and maintenance duties, budgetary responsibilities, and overall client satisfaction
Assist in the training of catering staff in remote camp locations, providing coaching, mentoring and support to all employees

Job Type: Full Time

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