Logistics & Transportation

Providing turnkey workforce
camps to Western Canada.


Efficient and Cost Effective

LandSea recognizes the importance of efficient and cost effective management when it comes to camp logistics and equipment transportation. Whether it’s over land or across the ocean, Landsea and our clients depend on the movement of resources from one remote site to another in a safe, timely and reliable manner.

LandSea’s past experience in remote camp logistics and equipment transportation has enabled us to create an effective supply management team and a network of reliable carriers and transportation solutions
which will ensure that your supplies, material and equipment makes it to site.

LandSea owns and operates Refrigerated Trucks to ensure that all frozen or refrigerated food products are transported from our vendors and suppliers to site in a safe and effective manner.

Our industry partners offer incredible service, competitive rates and flexible schedules to ensure that everything gets there quickly and cost effectively.

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    about us

    LandSea is a proven provider of project support, turnkey workforce accommodation and catering solutions for the oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, logging and construction sectors operating in Western Canada.