Operating out of the coastal city of Squamish British Columbia, LandSea Camp Services is a privately owned company founded on years of practical experience and customer service. LandSea facilitates workforce camps for major industries throughout BC and Alberta.

With over 17 years of past experience operating first class resorts and workforce camps on the coast of BC, owner Mike Coyne incorporated LandSea when presented with an opportunity to establish a workforce camp accommodation and catering program for a remote construction project. LandSea utilized this past experience and knowledge of the remote resort and hospitality industry to take on the unique challenges of remote operations and created a successful turn-key remote workforce camp.

Business Elite Canada logoLandSea has been recognised as an industry leader that exemplifies and is at the helm of sustainable development in both theory and practice.

From a modest three camps in 2010, LandSea has grown to manage multiple projects in all sectors all year round. LandSea provides turn-key solutions, establishing modular land based and floating camps for projects in the oil and gas, renewable energy, major construction and mining sectors across Western Canada.

LandSea’s understanding of high end customer service, top quality and nutritious foods and impeccable cleanliness allowed us to establish not only an effective camp facility, but a service offering that exceeds industry standards.

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