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Supply and Installation

Support systems and sites services are the equipment and utilities that run your camp. We will provide purchase pricing, rental packages and can include all of the costs in a turn-key camp rate. Please review the different support systems and site services that LandSea will provide in a workforce camp installation.

Fundamental remote camp services include garbage waste management, power generation, potable water, sewage treatment and 24 hour support from our Head Office Staff. Additional support systems for camps may include fuel services, communications, wildlife control and security.

Contact us at any time to discuss your support systems and site service needs.


Power Generation

All workforce camps require power to operate. Some are fortunate to tap in to existing power sources; however, most must rely on diesel power generation to operate their camp.

At LandSea, we are committed to using the most reliable and cost effective solutions for your workforce camp needs. That means top performance with the lowest fuel consumption.

Our packaged plants are designed specifically for workforce camp applications where so many factors are critical to the success of the project and the comfort of the workers.  Some of our power solutions are:

  • Packaged primary and auxiliary power plants in soundproof containers
  • Skidded Support Units with Primary and Auxiliary Plants and Propane
  • Free Standing and Tow behind soundproof plants
  • Sizes from 20kw – 500kw Packaged Power Plants

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Potable Water Treatment

Providing potable water is a critical component for your camp. Without a good supply of potable water, you will not be able to provide the services required to meet the very basic needs of your crew. The condition of the water will determine what is needed by way of treatment and the availability of water will often determine where you position your camp.

As part of our complete service package, LandSea will apply for all permits, design and engineer a complete system and build the most cost effective water treatment plant to serve your workforce camp needs. We will also install the distribution lines, hook up the camp and commission the system.

Please keep in mind that the design and application process can take many months to complete.  Contact us now to learn more about this process.


Wastewater & Sewage Treatment

Managing wastewater properly can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Proper planning and site specific design is the key to realizing significant cost savings and an effective sewage handling solution.

LandSea is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in the design and installation of your sewage treatment plant and disposal process. There are several types of treatment systems and certain systems can be much more effective given the application.

LandSea will provide the following sewage handling systems for your remote workforce camp:

  • Pump and Haul systems for short term applications.
  • Type 1, 2 and 3 Mobile Treatment Plants for rent or purchase.
  • Type 2 and 3 semi-permanent or longer term installations
  • Sewage fields, sand mounds and alternate disposal systems

Our free consultation will assist you in this decision making process. The sooner you call, the more you’ll save. Find out how by contacting us now.

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