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Turn-key Camp Construction

Camp Construction & Support

Our multi-phased process ensures that all necessary construction, sewage, and water permits are obtained, and the workforce camp is ready for occupancy according to your project timelines.

From the early project development and planning stages, to setting up the camp on-site with all support systems, to repurposing the land back to its original state – we provide a complete turn-key workforce accommodation construction service.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team works closely with you throughout the entire construction process, ensuring we deliver the most practical and reliable solutions that meet all your project needs.

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering teams work closely with you throughout the pre-construction phase to create the right size and configuration of camp for each project. Certain variables such as length of term, location, climate, and type of project will often dictate the type of camp or equipment we use. Our experienced team of dedicated professionals handles this process with ease.

Project Management & Permitting

Each site requires specific permits in order to operate the camp and meet certain government and environmental requirements. At LandSea, our project management team will oversee the permit application process for land tenures, foreshore leases, wastewater treatment, potable water treatment, and waste management. Once permits are received and a site service plan is prepared, we’re able to provide the equipment and support systems to manage every service we deliver.

Site Preparation & Utilities

Each project is unique and will require specific site preparation to accommodate the camp configuration. Referring to the designs and engineered drawings, and following all government and environmental requirements, our construction team carefully prepares the site for camp installation. This includes clearing and leveling the site, and laying the foundation for all plumbing, gas, and electrical utilities.

Transportation & Logistics

Through our experience in turn-key project management for a variety of remote camp configurations, we have developed an industry-leading Supply Management team with a complete network of reliable carriers and transportation solutions. Whether you require delivery by truck, boat, barge, helicopter, or sea plane, we ensure all supplies, materials, and equipment arrive to your camp safely and according to schedule.

Camp Installation

Our qualified, experienced, and accomplished construction team manages the complete supply and installation process of your workforce camp. This consists of the physical supply of the camp accommodations and all supporting equipment to the site, as well as the installation of the camp on the site, along with the equipment set-up and commissioning.

Support Systems

Our full range of support systems and site services ensure your camp is set up with all the equipment and utilities necessary to run your camp. Fundamental remote camp services include waste management, power generation, potable water, sewage treatment, and 24-hour support from our Head Office staff. Additional support systems may include fuel services, communications, wildlife control, and security.

Equipment Sales & Leasing

To complete our turn-key approach to workforce camp accommodation construction services, we provide equipment sales and leasing for a wide selection of construction and site equipment. Our network of dedicated suppliers and skilled fabricators are able to provide the most effective and reliable solutions to meet any project need. This includes everything from storage buildings and office containers, to satellite and internet systems, to power generation plants – as well as several custom-designed remote camp support systems, including potable water and wastewater treatment plants.

Land Reclamation & Repurpose

In addition to minimizing the environmental impact during the site preparation, construction, installation, and ongoing operational stages of your project, we offer full land reclamation and remediation services following the completion of every site we manage, to ensure the environment is restored to a safe and natural state. We also offer the flexibility to repurpose the site for new infrastructure, to support future housing or community development projects.

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