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Full-service accommodations from start to finish.

At LandSea Camp Services, we pride ourselves on providing everything needed for the daily operations of your camp.

We elevate all standards of health, comfort, and safety – going way beyond basic provision of food and shelter – to ensure your on-site workers remain healthy and safe, and are at their most productive.


High-quality, nutritious catering is key for the recruitment, retention, and productivity of a remote camp team.

We’ve built strong relationships with national and local food suppliers to ensure your workforce receive a full variety of high-quality and healthy foods, at a fair price.

All our chefs are Red Seal Certified with all cooks receiving FOODSAFE training, to ensure all staff prepare, cook, and handle food to the highest standards – including meals for guests with food allergies or food intolerances. All kitchens come outfitted with restaurant-grade equipment and supplies, with ample room for cooking, food preparation, and storage.

Housekeeping & Janitorial

Our cleaning procedures and sanitary programs are implemented daily, ensuring our camps are clean and safe.

A clean camp is just one way we prove to our clients that we care about their crews’ health, comfort, and safety – from fresh sheets to spotless floors and sparkling fixtures, our guests find the peace of mind they need at camp.

Every catered LandSea accommodation includes a complete housekeeping and janitorial program, which includes daily cleaning schedules, standardized cleaning procedures, and COVID-19 compliant sanitation protocols, to ensure that the entire camp is clean and safe for all occupants.


On-site maintenance personnel are available 24/7 to ensure all facilities and support systems are kept in good working order.

Ensuring that your camp is functioning properly is essential to the productivity of your team and the success of your project.

Our experienced, on-site maintenance professionals understand the variety of systems, equipment, and services required to operate a workforce camp and support a major project in a remote destination. From appliance and equipment repairs, to plumbing and electrical failures, to ongoing utility servicing and maintenance, our knowledgeable team has the expertise to ensure all facilities, systems, and support equipment are maintained and kept in good working order.

In addition, LandSea’s maintenance personnel will be responsible for monitoring all fuel levels, waste management procedures, safety concerns, water sampling, and preventative facility maintenance, to complete our full-service, turn-key maintenance program.

Remote Medical

Highly trained medical personnel with proper equipment, supplies, and facilities ensure all workplace health and safety requirements are met.

On a remote construction project, having professionally trained medical personnel, with access to high-grade medical supplies, equipment, and facilities, is critical to support the treatment and recovery of your workforce.

At LandSea Camp Services, we work with your Occupational Health & Safety team to assess your specific project and prepare a complete medical plan to meet your requirements.

Logistics & Transportation

Our Supply Management team and network of reliable carriers ensure all supplies and equipment arrive safely and on time.

Whether it’s over land or across the ocean, Landsea Camp Services and our clients depend on the movement of resources from one remote site to another, in a safe, timely, and reliable manner.

Through our experience across a wide variety of remote camp projects, we’ve created an effective Supply Management team, with access to a full network of reliable carriers and transportation solutions, to ensure all supplies, materials, and equipment arrive on-site. By partnering with logistical industry leaders, we’re able to offer our clients incredible service, competitive rates, and flexible schedules.

In addition, LandSea owns and operates a fleet of refrigerated trucks, ensuring all frozen and refrigerated foods are transported from our vendors and suppliers to your camp, in compliance with FOODSAFE regulations.

Garbage & Waste Management

We are experienced in the provision of effective, efficient, and reliable waste management for remote project needs.

Proper planning and site-specific design is critical to ensure all garbage and waste management is handled safely, cost-effectively, and in compliance with environmental regulations.

At LandSea, our knowledgeable and experienced Waste Management team is available to help with the design, installation, and operation of your wastewater and sewage treatment plant and garbage disposal processes. Factoring in a variety of elements – including the size of your camp, its location, and your length of stay – we help determine the most appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective garbage and waste management solutions for your workforce accommodation.

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